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Somali-Yemen Sustainable Programme (SYDP)

  • Theme of Event

    IORA Somalia and Yemen Development Programme on Banking and Artisanal Fisheries

  • Venue
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Date
    13 – 14 Aug 2017

Capacity building has become the cornerstone for strengthening cooperation and development between IORA Member States in the Indian Ocean Region. The SYDP is a paramount programme aimed towards enhancing the short and long term potential of the region. Yemen and Somalia are highly dependable on the fisheries sector which provides livelihoods, employment generation and food security to the coastal communities.  However, with the constraints of reduced or depleting fish stocks, degrading environment and increasing population pressure, it is of prime importance to enhance human and institutional capacities to promote the sustainable development of this sector, artisanal fisheries, as well as access to international markets through financial and microfinance services.

With the challenges faced by these two Member States, the IORA Secretariat has developed the capacity building development programme for trainers and small scale businesses from Somalia and Yemen to address these challenges and build skills to meet developmental needs. The training topics are based on best practises and are delivered by skilled experts.

Aims and Objectives

To enhance knowledge and capacities of the participants on artisanal fisheries, as well as banking services in support of developing small-scale activities.