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2nd IORA Renewable Energy Ministerial Meeting

  • Theme of Event

    Renewable Energy

  • Venue
    Delhi NCR, India
  • Date
    02 – 04 Oct 2018

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India will be hosting the 2nd IORA Renewable Energy Ministerial Meeting from 2-4 October 2018 in Delhi NCR, India. The event will be held in parallel with the 1st General Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the 2nd Global RE-INVEST Meet & Expo.


The combined inaugural will be graced by the presence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. António Guterres.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world and provides an important lifeline to international trade and transport. This region is home to high-energy consuming countries and LDCs and represents approximately 15% of global energy demand. The prevalent use of conventional energy resources has been acknowledged to not be sustainable for future development, whether in economic or ecological terms. At the same time, it must be recognised that the region is rapidly emerging as a cost-competitive market for Renewable Energy (RE).  Therefore, the adoption of RE resources and practises is of high priority for IORA Member States.


The Second IORA Renewable Energy Experts Meeting to be held on 3 October 2018 is expected to provide a platform for experts to discuss energy needs within the region, identification of hurdles in cooperation and coordination among concerned agencies and potential avenues of collaboration; and conceptualisation of the way forward for Renewable Energy in IORA in the form of an outcome document entitled “Key Takeaways”.


The event will also witness the cementing of ties between the IORA and ISA in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


The Ministerial Meeting to be held on 4 October 2018, would welcome the region’s RE Ministers to establish a common developmental agenda by sharing the “Key Takeaways” from the Experts’ Meeting and would also result in the adoption of the IORA Delhi Declaration on RE.


IORA is a dynamic organisation of 21 Member States and 7 Dialogue Partners, with an ever-growing momentum for mutually beneficial regional cooperation through a consensus-based, evolutionary and non-intrusive approach. Taking forward the baton from the 1st IORA Renewable Energy Ministerial Meeting which was held in UAE in 2016 and other IORA events which have called for the use of renewable energy resources, the present event promises to be a harbinger for sustainable development in the region, in keeping with the UN SGDs 2030.


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