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Enhancing Sustainable Port Services and Management in the Indian Ocean Region for improved maritime connectivity, ISDP-II

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
    Anjouan Island. Union of Comoros
  • Date
    12 – 14 Jul 2017

The Indian Ocean retains huge economic significance, especially through the shipping industry and holds great importance in terms of trade and transport of goods. Half of the world's container ships, one third of the bulk cargo traffic and two-thirds of the world's oil shipments converge in the region. Some IORA Member States have the most significant trading/shipping activity profiles and ports in these countries constitute the primary nodes in the Indian Ocean region, and in many ways determine the pattern of major oceanic shipping links within the Indian Ocean.

This training programme focused to address several issues, as well as enable Member States to share knowledge and best practices related to sustainable port services and management, as well as shipping and port logistics for improved maritime connectivity in The Indian Ocean Rim region. The training programme also focused on several topics such as: seaport infrastructure and facilities; technology-transfer for improved port services and management, and maritime connectivity in the IOR; Member States’ capacities, needs and areas of collaboration on the seaport and shipping sector; custom facilitation and brokering; enhancing capacities for maritime connectivity; trans-shipment; ship registration; among others.

Objectives : 

  • To promote sustainable port services and management in the Indian Ocean Rim region;

  • To promote trade in the Indian Ocean Rim region through improved maritime connectivity between IORA Member States

  • To enhance existing regional and multilateral cooperation in the Indian Ocean Rim region;

  • To facilitate movement of goods in the Indian Ocean Rim region;

  • To promote sharing of information and knowledge on maritime connectivity strategies  between IORA Member States;

  • To strengthen a port networking in the Indian Ocean Rim region;