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IORA Indian Ocean Conference on Blue Carbon

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
    Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, Western Australia
  • Date
    19 – 23 Mar 2018

Blue Carbon ecosystems (mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes) support food security and economic self-sufficiency through their role in supporting fisheries and tourism. They also play an important role in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and protect lives and livelihoods through buffering the effects of storms and tsunamis.

In addition, there is growing potential for communities to access carbon finance to enable local protection and restoration efforts. However, when these ecosystems are degraded they can become significant sources of greenhouse gases.


Sound science, coupled with robust policy and governance frameworks, are key to Blue Carbon protection and restoration efforts. Recognising this, the International Partnership for Blue Carbon was launched at the Paris climate change conference in December 2015. The Partnership aims to help accelerate the protection and restoration of these sensitive ecosystems. The Indian Ocean contains some of the world’s greatest Blue Carbon resources. However, the pressures associated with feeding the region’s people have led to actions that have degraded the very ecosystems that they need to provide their food, shelter them from storms, and generate economic opportunities.



The objectives of the Indian Ocean Conference on Blue Carbon are:

  • building capacity in understanding Blue Economy principles and how Blue Carbon fits in a blue Economy framework
  • generate understanding about how to apply Blue Carbon assessment methods in the Indian Ocean
  • promote economic empowerment through wise use of Blue Carbon resources, including development of a wider suite of activities that encourage participation by women
  • explain the role of the International Partnership for Blue Carbon
  • encourage delegates to think about practical extensions of their learning in the context of their nations
  • develop a network of Blue Carbon practitioners in the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, Western Australia


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