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Earth Observation for an Indian Ocean Blue Economy

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
    Virtual Webinar
  • Date
    23 – 25 Nov 2021

Sustainable and equitable development of the Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) depends upon access to high-quality, up-to-date and comprehensive Earth Observation (EO) capabilities. Such access provides IORA member states with the information for a range of national environmental planning, mapping and assessment needs (e.g., blue carbon stocks and coral reef condition), as well as reporting obligations, such as  progress towards the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goal targets. It will also enhance operational surveillance (e.g., illegal unreported and unregulated fishing and piracy) and forecasting of conditions and hazards (e.g., sea level rise, extreme events and coral bleaching). 

To address this important topic, a multi-day virtual workshop will be held on articulating the coastal and marine Earth Observation needs for the Indian Ocean Region. Importantly, the workshop brings both EO users and providers together to focus on six key thematic uses for EO: Marine Spatial Planning for a sustainable Blue Economy, Coastal Habitat Mapping and Monitoring, Coastal Vulnerability, Protection and Response, Fisheries Management, Marine Pollution including litter and Maritime Accidents. The workshop will focus on how assistance including access to, training and development of useful products could be cooperatively delivered, and the intent is to develop a roadmap for enhancing EO across the IOR.



South Africa Standard Time (SAST) 0700 -1200 (UTC+2)

Mauritius Time (MUT) 0900 -1400 (UTC +4)

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) 1600-2100 (UTC +11)

Coordinated Universal time (UTC) 0500 – 1000



The Objectives of the IORA Blue Carbon Hub workshop on ‘Earth observation for an Indian Ocean Blue Economy’ are:

  • Identify the EO data needs of IORA MS
  • Identify the actors who have significant EO capability to offer IORA MS
  • Identify areas of common interest and expertise between Australia, France and India (as well as Dialogue Partners with significant EO capacity, such as Japan, Korea and the European Union)
  • Identify key enabling actions based on common interests of IORA MS and the capacities available
  • Develop a roadmap and/or proposals for joint projects to implement the actions (including actions identified in the Blue Economy Working Group Plan)
  • Communicate this action plan to high-level fora.


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