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Webinar on “Towards a Sustainable Blue Forest Economy”

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
    Virtual Meeting
  • Date
    10 – 10 Mar 2021

Protection and restoration of coastal blue carbon ecosystems, the “blue forests” and “blue meadows” (mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and tidal marshes) provide an opportunity to address multiple challenges in a single portfolio of actions.

IORA is committed to the protection and conservation of coastal blue carbon ecosystems through the IORA Indian Ocean Blue Carbon Hub, which aims to build knowledge and capacity to protect and restore them. The Hub would be hosting a series of ‘think tank’ meetings that will target the most promising areas for accelerated action.


This webinar will present some of the material discussed at the think tank, by highlighting examples and tools relevant for the Indian Ocean and exploring pathways to advance blue carbon initiatives in IORA Member States. The Webinar is jointly organised by the IORA Blue Carbon Hub, in collaboration with the IORA Secretariat.


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