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Third Meeting of the IORA Working Group on the Blue Economy (WGBE), Online, 21 August 2023, 10:00 to 14:30 hrs (GMT+4)

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
  • Date
    21 – 21 Aug 2023


Oceans play an important role in oxygen production, carbon dioxide absorption, recycling of nutrients, regulation of global climate and temperature, as well as the huge business opportunities that they provide that could address the food security and energy crisis. The Indian Ocean represents a huge potential for boosting up country’s economic development and since the introduction of the Blue Economy in IORA in 2014, Member States are committed to make this sector a driver for socio-economic and sustainable development.



Substantive progress has been made in IORA since 2014, including the establishment of the Working Group on the Blue Economy (WGBE) and the development of the WGBE Work Plan that comprised of a list of projects to be implemented by Member States and Dialogue Partners, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Several activities have been carried out since the establishment of the WGBE, and to update Member States and Dialogue Partners on the status of the implementation of the WGBE Work Plan, South Africa, Chair of the WGBE, will host the Third Meeting of the IORA WGBE, Online, on 21 August 2023, 10:00 to 14:30 hrs (GMT+4).


During the Third WGBE Meeting, Member States would provide an update on the status of their commitments for the implementation of the activities of the WGBE Work Plan, as well as provide new commitments for areas/activities with no progress. The meeting would also enable the Member States to discuss on the new WGBE Work Plan 2024-2026 and explore the way forward to encourage Member States, Dialogue Partners and relevant stakeholders to take the lead for the implementation of activities of the Work Plan.