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Webinar to review existing capacity and needs of IORA Member States for aquaculture development

  • Theme of Event

    Fisheries Management

  • Venue
    Virtual Meeting
  • Date
    15 – 15 Mar 2022

Fisheries and aquaculture remains a priority for most of the IORA Member States and one of the focus is to promote sustainable aquaculture development for which France through the AFD technical assistance provided to the IORA has committed to support activities related to this topic. 

Aquaculture has sustained a global growth at present and is expected to increasingly fill the shortfall in aquatic food products.


Like in many parts of the world, the future development of aquaculture in Indian Ocean countries is hindered by limited availability of seed stock, appropriate technology and financing. Further needs are a well-defined legal and policy framework, development of value-chains, and facilitation for longer-term investment (such as for a state-of-the-art hatchery facility that can provide suitable seeds to communities and private sector, and development of efficient, high quality feed supplies and research). These are essential elements preliminary for development of aquaculture to a scale where communities can start benefiting and are keys to foster the right business climate in which private sector operators will feel confident investing.


The objective of this webinaire is to have a better understanding of the IORA MS needs and priorities on aquaculture development and to gather information on IORA MS’ needs across a broad range of domains including species selection, site selection, breeding, fish feed development, environment and disease.


The webinar will be hosted by the IORA Secretariat and organized with the technical assistance of COFREPECHE, which is executing the AFD technical assistance. It will be introduced by the IORA Secretariat and moderated by the Main Resident Expert of the AFD technical assistance.


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Title: Webinar to review existing capacity and needs of IORA Member States for aquaculture development

Venue:  Virtual Meeting


Date:  Tuesday, 15 march 2022 07:00 – 09:30 (GMT)



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