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Innovation Exposition

  • Theme of Event

    Trade & Investment Facilitation

  • Venue
    New Delhi, Republic of India
  • Date
    28 – 29 Sep 2017

Innovation is a driving force that continually creates new competitive advantages and opportunities for productivity and growth.

Innovation can be either as introducing new products and services as solutions to problems and challenges or new policy innovations.

The Innovation Exposition is in line with Member State's shared vision to facilitate regional cooperation including trade and investment and to promote sustainable economic cooperation. The exposition will result in sharing expertise and capacity building for mutual benefit of the IOR countries.

The key objectives of the innovation exposition are to:

  • Explore cross-country partnership opportunities;

  • Advance progressive policy framework and regulatory environment that would enhance the innovation activity and help achieve IORA Member States a higher ranking in the global innovation index;

  • Explore how to support and nurture innovative start-ups by providing them all the necessary infrastructure and mentoring to ideate, incubate, by working closely with universities to harness synergies between the government, private sector and academic players in the innovation ecosystem; and

  • Share best practices on innovation and also serve as networking platform to the key stakeholders from IORA Member States.
  • Sep 28
    Agenda \ Trade and Investment Facilitation
    Tentative Agenda - Innovation Exposition
    Innovation Exposition
  • Sep 28
    Concept Note \ Trade and Investment Facilitation
    Draft Concept Note - Innovation Exposition
    Innovation Exposition