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The Chair in Indian Ocean Studies (CIOS) of IORA has been tasked with playing a leading and catalytic role in fostering research activities and studies in fields of interest related to the Indian Ocean region.

The role involves promoting and undertaking studies on regional integration groupings, the operation of the World Trade System including WTO, trade policies of developed and developing countries, South-South cooperation, and other relevant fields. This is to be done with a view to developing realistic programmes of cooperation among Member States.

The Chair is also tasked with organising workshops and short-term training programmes on topics of regional and international significance for the benefit of top management in the public and private sectors.

  • Jul 04
    The Sustainable and Inclusive Blue Economy Paradigm
  • Oct 29
    Sustainable Development and World Trade: The Contribution of International Environmental Regulations
  • Oct 26
    Journal of Indian Ocean Rim Studies, 2018 Vol. 1, Issue 2
  • Jul 12
    Major Achievements of the CIOS, Prof V.N Attri