Blue Economy
14 Dec - 14 Dec 2023
The Republic of Korea hosted the 4th Republic of Korea (ROK)-IORA Partnership Seminar on “Exploring comprehensive and systematic management and response strategies for Marine Debris”, 14 December 2023, Seoul
The 1.5 track forum which had brought together policymakers and experts from ROK, IORA Member States ...
Blue Economy
22 Oct - 26 Oct 2023
Sultanate of Oman
The Regional Workshop on Aquatic Animal Health in IORA region, 22-26 October 2023, Muscat, Oman
The IORA Fisheries Support Unit, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth & Water Resources of ...
Blue Economy
21 Aug - 21 Aug 2023
The Third Meeting of the IORA Working Group on the Blue Economy (WGBE), 21 August 2023, Online
The Republic of South Africa, Chair of the Working Group on the Blue Economy (WGBE) hosted the Third ...
Blue Economy
12 Sep - 14 Sep 2023
Republic of Indonesia
The IORA Blue Carbon Hub Think Tank Meeting on Nature-based Solutions for Coastal Adaptation,12-14 September 2023, Bali, Indonesia
The IORA Blue Carbon Hub in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime and Investment ...
Blue Economy
18 Mar - 22 Mar 2024
Republic of Singapore
Capacity building programme on Waste Segregation and Plastic Recycling for IORA Member States to be held from 18-22 March 2024 in Singapore
Waste Segregation and Plastic Recycling is an important component of the IORA Strategic Framework of ...
Blue Economy
13 Sep - 14 Sep 2023
Republic of Indonesia
The First Workshop on the Development of the IORA Guideline on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing,13-14 September 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia
Participants from 15 IORA Member States attended the 1st Workshop on the Development of the IORA ...
Blue Economy
12 Sep - 12 Sep 2023
Republic of Indonesia
3rd meeting of the Core Group of Fisheries Management (CGFM), 12 September 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia
The 3rd Meeting of IORA Core Group on Fisheries Management (CGFM) was hosted by Indonesia, in ...
Blue Economy
22 May - 23 May 2023
United Republic of Tanzania
9th Indian Ocean Dialogue on Innovation in Blue Economy and its Role in GDP Contribution, 22-23 May 2023, Zanzibar, Tanzania
To facilitate regional, interdisciplinary discussions across various Blue Economy sectors and ...
Blue Economy
07 Nov - 11 Nov 2022
Republic of Seychelles
Training Workshop on Best Practices in Sea cucumber seed production and Seaweed tubular farming, 7-11 November 2022, Tanzania
The IORA Secretariat with the technical assistance of COFREPECHE hosted a training workshop in ...
Blue Economy
27 Nov - 02 Dec 2022
Republic of Madagascar
Training workshop on Research and sustainable management of Blue Carbon Ecosystems in the Indian Ocean, 27 November - 2 December 2022, Toliara, Madagascar
The Fishery and Marine Science Institute (Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines - IH.SM) of ...