Institutional Arrangement

This function involves establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with other organisations and bodies aligned with IORA's goals. This pursuit involves:

Primary Bodies (COM and CSO)

Institutional arrangement refers mainly to support to the Chair of IORA, by facilitating transmission of documents between the Chair and Member States, as well as supporting the implementation of the two primary bodies’ meeting, namely the Council of Ministers’ Meeting (COM) and the Committee of Senior Official’s meeting (CSO). The IABE team coordinates the drafting of the meeting documents as well as ensuring proper reporting of these meetings, while following up implementation of the decisions taken by the COM and CSO. The IABE Directorate is the focal point of the Secretariat to response to any institutional matters, and policy and strategy issues.


Further, IABE is the coordinating directorate of the organization, following up on the implementation and reporting on the IORA action plan and IORA annual operation plan of IORA. It further works closely in supporting the different mechanisms of the organization such as the special agencies, sub-committee on finance and functional bodies’ coordinating meeting. In addition, IABE supports the Secretary-General office, by facilitating communications between the Chair and the TROIKA. Moreover, in line with its duties, IABE issues terms of reference for the different role and duties of IORA bodies, whenever requested by Member States.

Special Fund Application

IABE also leads the Project Management Sub-Committee (PMSC), and hence review application for special fund, that is, approve or advise on way forward, together with the relevant priority area directorate. The Directorate also provide explanation and clarification of the Special Fund rules, if receive any queries.

Broadening Engagement

The IABE directorate further works on broadening and exploring the engagement and partnerships with other regional and international organizations. It also facilitates strengthening engagement among IORA Member States and seeks potential collaboration with other countries. Hence this field of intervention include.

Processing application for Dialogue Partners

The IABE team oversees the process of becoming dialogue partners in IORA. It assists the incoming country or organization in fulfilling the proper procedure, while facilitating communication with Member States for review and approval.

Initiating and following MOUs between IORA and other regional organization

IABE is responsible for overseeing potential cooperation opportunities between IORA and other regional or international organizations and Dialogue Partners. It further initiates discussion with them, drafting MOUs on possible fields of cooperation, and ensuring these organizations share the same interest with IORA.

Ensure proper coordination between Member States and Dialogue Partners.

IABE facilitates communication between Member States and Dialogue Partners, and further holds records of the work of each entity with the organization, which allows for proper follow-up over the years.

Mr. Sajid Mian Mallam Hassam
Principal Programme Officer
Institutional Arrangements and Broadening Engagement (IABE), and Women's Economic Empowerment
Ms Selvana Mootien
Programme Officer
Institutional Arrangements and Broadening Engagement (IABE), and Women's Economic Empowerment