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Workshop on Salts and chemicals extraction from saline waters for IORA countries

  • Theme of Event

    Academic, Science and Technology

  • Venue
    Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Date
    15 – 17 Oct 2019

Desalination is increasingly being used to provide drinking-water under conditions of freshwater scarcity. Water scarcity is estimated to affect one in three people on every continent of the globe, and almost one fifth of the world’s population live in areas where water is physically scarce. This situation is expected to worsen as competing needs for water intensify along with population growth, urbanization, climate change impacts and increases in household and industrial uses.  These trends are apparent in several IORA Member Countries, including Comoros, Iran, Oman, the UAE and Yemen.

The Workshop on Salts and Chemicals Extraction from Saline Waters for IORA Countries is being hosted by the IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT) and Sharif University of Technology, Institute of Water and Energy on October 15-17, 2019 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. The program will consist of a two-day workshop and a one-day technical visit.

The objective of this workshop is to introduce commercialized, developed and state-of-the art technologies, techniques to assess environmental impacts and marketing of salts and chemicals extraction from unconventional water sources.  Government officials and experts will share lessons on how to reduce harmful environmental impacts, producing and utilizing salt and chemical by-products, and exploring marketing activities and international trade. The main topics include:

  • Major chemicals in Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman
  • Feasibility study of production of these chemicals
  • Economic values of such products and possibility of international trade
  • Methods of extraction such as zero liquid discharge, evaporation ponds and etc.
  • Energy need and economic aspects of extraction processes

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  • Oct 14
    Concept Note \ Academic, Science and Technology
    Concept Note
    Workshop on Salts and chemicals extraction from saline waters for IORA countries