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IORA Training on Sustainable Development for Ports and Shipping in the Indian Ocean for Maritime Connectivity

  • Theme of Event

    Blue Economy

  • Venue
    Maritime Institute Malaysia (MIMA), Malaysia
  • Date
    22 – 26 Apr 2019

The 5-day training programme on 'Sustainable Development for Ports and Shipping in the Indian Ocean for Maritime Connectivity' is a follow-up of the IORA training programme on ‘Enhancing Sustainable Port Services and Management in the Indian Ocean Region for Improved Maritime Connectivity’ which was held in Anjouan, Comoros on 11-14 July 2017.

The training programme will be hosted by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA), in collaboration with the IORA Secretariat in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The course will outline the economic principles and operational practicalities involved in regulating, managing and operating ports and shipping. By the end of the programme, participants would have enhanced competencies in regulating, managing and have an insight of the growing complexities and best practices of these two main maritime industries.


The program aims to provide the participants an understanding of recent and emerging concepts, theories and knowledge about the ports and shipping sector, with an emphasis on the port concession agreements, regulation, management and operation of terminals. This course will also give an insight on the complexities in ports and shipping industry in the region and the best practices of Malaysia in these sectors.


The main objectives of this training course are to:

  • Enhance their competencies in regulating and overseeing ports and shipping in their home countries;
  • Better manage and operate port terminals and shipping industries in their home countries;
  • Gain insights into Malaysia’s best practices in port and shipping’s regulation, management and operation;
  • Understand the significance of the increased complexities of port and shipping business; and
  • Increase integration between national and regional institutions in the development and management of programmes focusing on ports and shipping.