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The IORA Sustainable Development Program (ISDP)

Member States of IORA are diverse in their respective social and economic capabilities and capacities. Their social and economic indicators have huge variations.

Despite such diversity and differences, these countries are bound together by the Indian Ocean and they are all committed to promote the sustained growth and balanced development of the region and to create common ground for regional economic co-operation.

The disparity in the capacities of the Member States is a challenge that needs to be addressed through concrete programs. The IORA Sustainable Development Program (ISDP) was introduced in 2014 dedicated for the least developed countries (LDCs) that require assistance and support to conduct projects, and with the main purpose to promote sharing experiences and best practices among IORA Member States.

The ISDP is a project-based program intended to meet the needs of the Member States of the IORA. Project proposals are formulated by Member States in collaboration with IORA Secretariat. As an instrument of sustainable development, the ISDP Program is expected to strengthen regional cooperation and forge new partnerships within IORA Member States and with Dialogue Partners.

Objectives of the Program:

  • To encourage the lesser developed Member States to actively participate and to optimize the benefits from its cooperation with the Association;

  • To encourage peer-to-peer learning, capacity building, and the sharing of information, experiences and best practices;

  • To enhance the sense of community and belonging among the Member States and to strengthen the sense of participation in the activities and programs of the Association;

  • To extend the opportunity to the less developed Member States to share their experience and expertise in specific areas that would benefit their economies;

  • To create opportunities for the less developed Member State to be able to host events under IORA banner.
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