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The IORA-UN Women Women’s Economic Empowerment Project

IORA has collaborated with UN Women to strengthen research on women’s economic empowerment, and promote the Women’s Empowerment Principles in the region, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The IORA-UN Women Promoting women’s economic empowerment in the Indian Ocean Rim project was implemented over a period of three years (2018-2021) with the support of the Australian Government and built on an earlier IORA-UN Women-IORA project supported by Australia, which produced a baseline study of women’s economic participation in 2015 and an interactive infographic in 2017. Over 2018-2021 the partnership involved research and capacity building:


Research Outcomes 

The project supported substantive research to help fill the gaps concerning women’s economic empowerment in the region:


Capacity building Outcomes 

The project also conducted capacity-building activities virtually (by webinar) and in person in the region, to foster enabling environments for women’s economic empowerment. The focus has been encouraging IORA-wide adoption and implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), with a particular focus on providing advice, networking and support to women entrepreneurs to respond the COVID-19 pandemic.


To learn more about the activities, their outcomes or to view the recordings, please click on the links below.


Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship




Fisheries and Blue Economy


Gender Responsive Procurement


The project supports IORA’s broader work on Women’s Economic Empowerment. To learn more about IORA’s work on Women’s Economic Empowerment, please contact



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