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IORA Secretariat Mahatma Gandhi Library

Establishment of the IORA Secretariat Library - Mahatma Gandhi Library

Official Press Release:

On March 16, 2022, Mrs. K Nandini Singla, H.E. the High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Mauritius inaugurated the new Library, named after India’s Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, at the IORA Secretariat located in Ebene, Mauritius. The new IORA Secretariat Mahatma Gandhi Library is sponsored by the Government of the Republic of India to strengthen the IORA Secretariat.


Ambassador Salman Al Farisi, H.E. the Secretary-General of IORA, with Directors and staff joined the Inaugural Ceremony at the Secretariat premises, and welcomed the virtual participation from Member States to celebrate the inauguration of the India-funded Library project.


During her visit to the Secretariat, Mrs. K Nandini Singla, H.E. the High Commissioner of India stressed the importance of establishing a library which forms an essential part of any institution/organization. She highlighted that the dedicated IORA Library would serve as a healthy place for gathering, collecting information, creating ideas, and generating useful thoughts. In addition, she underlined the wealth of culture which IORA Member States and Dialogue Partners bring as the largest and most prominent organisation in the Indian Ocean region. During her remarks, the Mrs. Singla also announced the implementation of an eOffice software suite at the IORA Secretariat as a second project by India to further strengthen the Secretariat.


Ambassador Salman Al Farisi expressed his appreciation to the Government of India for sponsoring the library project and mentioned that this will serve as a resource unit for related to the IORA Priority and Focus Areas, thereby, increase the intellectual and decision-making capacity of the IORA Secretariat by many folds. During his remarks, Ambassador Al Farisi said that ‘’the establishment of the IORA Library is very timely, considering that IORA is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year… We are privileged to be an Association with such a rich diversity, and now, the IORA Secretariat has the capacity to document and preserve the institutional memory of the IORA Secretariat, and to build a Library along with Member States which we would cherish for years to come’’.


The initiative speaks for the commitment of India as one of the founding and active members of the organisation to strengthen the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

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